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And the Pawe d'Or goes to... "The Time of Love" by John Manfredi and Jenny Nesvetailova!

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Thanks to all supported the 2013 Feline Film Festival. View photos from the 2013 event!

Pawe dOr
2013 Feline Film Festival Pawe d'Or award created by artist and filmmaker Milford Earl Thomas.

2013 Feline Film Festival Wrap-Up

Cat VideosView photos from the 2013 event!

The first annual Feline Film Festival was held on October 19, 2013 in Atlanta, Ga. Through ticket sales and generous donations, the event raised $2,000 for LifeLine Animal Project.

The following films were shown at the first annual Feline Film Festival in Atlanta, GA. The order they are listed in is the order they were presented in the program.

An Interview with Tard the Grumpy Cat
A one-on-one with Grumpy Cat about Starbucks coffee cake, windows, and sleep.
Sky Dylan-Robbins, New York, NY

Stripus Felinus
A thrilling hunt for stripus felinus, otherwise known as lazy housecat.
Rick Moyer, Aberdeen WA

BOB Joins a Fellow Feline “Doin’ Cat Stuff!”
Zinema host BOB Cat checks out a rappin' feline who is just "Doin' Cat Stuff."
Dana Popoff, Atlanta, GA

9 Lives
Faux trailer for a horror film.
Mae Renaldo, Atlanta, GA

Kitteh breaths fire and destroys cars... well maybe after a snooze.
Sam Lanyon Jones, London, England

Rolling in the Deep Grass
A glimpse into what Wendell likes to do.
Jimmy Lo, Atlanta, GA

The Time of Love*
Gary, a lonely cat, has a sad birthday when no one comes to his party. The next day he makes an online dating profile, hoping to find someone special. Will Gary find love?
John Manfredi and Jenny Nesvetailova, Atlanta, GA
* "The Time of Love" is the 2013 Pawe d'Or winner for excellence in feline filmmaking!

Deus ex Felina
A young man finds the cure for his heartbreak.
Matthew Ware, San Francisco, CA

Batman PSA
An animated PSA for the Humane Society.
Michael Cerminara, Middletown, DE

A Farewell to Paws
Learn about the famous Ernest Hemingway cats.
Ted Fouke, St. Louis, MO

Sad Cat Under a Piano
Mia pretends to be a sad French cat, Gibs just wants to watch The Bachelor. (Henri le Chat Noir parody.)
Jared Thompson, New York, NY

A Day in the Life of Mrs. Chippy
Mrs. Chippy: part supercute loud purring kitten, part indestructible furry bouncy ball. 
Marcel Westhoff, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Tap Cat!
Brushing your teeth becomes impossible when Tap Cat is around.
Marcel Westhoff, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Kittens in HD
Sophie and her kittens - in HD.
Todd Keller, Fairplay, MD

Who is Catlanta?
Catlanta hides his unique cat art around town, posting photos online so people can find them. 
Steven Swigart, Atlanta, GA

When you're away, the cat and dog will play... poker?
John Ryan, Atlanta, GA

Laser Kitty
Cats love laser pointers. 'Nuff said. 
Renée Gannon, Beverly, MA

Cooper Gets a French Fry
And spazzes out over the deliciousness.
Candice McElhannon, Atlanta, GA

Panda's Yum Yum
Panda obtains a bag of the good stuff.
Kara Peterson and Sean Bastarache, Atlanta, GA

Elliot the Cat at RenFest
King Elliot ventures to lower Georgia to join in the Renaissance Festival merriment. 
Christopher Hayes, Atlanta, GA

Cats in Tanks
Prepare for the Catocalypse! Watch what happens when cats commandeer tanks.
James Dierx, Venice, CA

Girl meets cat. Cat goes psycho. Girl and cat become friends! 
Joanna Davidovich, Atlanta, GA

Balloon Cat (full film not available online - view the Balloon Cat trailer)
A film about reflection, "Balloon Cat" focuses on a cat floating helplessly through space, tethered to balloons, as his life flashes before his eyes.
Michael Cerminara, Middletown, DE

Bad Reputation
According to some ancient and woefully idiotic superstitions, black cats have a bit of a bad reputation. Our cat Jill couldn’t care less.
Scott Callison, San Francisco, CA

In homage to the late great Scatman John.
Sam Lanyon Jones, London, England

Debbie Loves Cats
I'm Debbie, I love cats and I just want a soulmate!
Cara Hartmann, Los Angeles, CA

Grand Re-Opening!
A tour of the newly renovated Cat TV Room.
Teri Thorsteinson, Montclair, VA

Cat Show (video not available online)
Learn the answer to the question: "Just what do they DO at a cat show?"
Ted Fouke, St. Louis, MO

MailChimp Monkey Hats (For Cats)
Stylish headwear for cats, courtesy of MailChimp.
Jason Travis, Atlanta, GA

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