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The Feline Film Festival presenting sponsor is the House Cat Real Estate blog and the event is curated by Lynn Lamousin of Red Robin REALTORS.


We are dedicated to showcasing the best in feline cinema from around the world. Donations are taken at the event to benefit a non-profit cat rescue organization.


Friday, October 9, 2015. See how you can attend the 2015 event.


Cabbagetown Park
(on the lawn outside of Sweet Cheats bakery)
692 Kirkwood Ave SE
Atlanta, GA 30316



Cat VideosLet us tail you our story... Hello, I'm Lynn Lamousin, the founder and curator of the Feline Film Festival. Here are some relevant facts about me:

  • I run a real estate blog called House Cat Real Estate to support my career as a real estate agent with Red Robin Realtors.

  • I also run a copywriting business that is incorporated under the name KITTYBOY Creations. The business was named after my Siamese cat.

  • In 2004 I won the Southeastern Media Award $100,000 grand prize package for a feature length screenplay I wrote called, Make Me a Match. Here's a short synopsis:

    A lonely woman performs a love spell and wishes for a man with qualities like her cat. The following day the cat disappears and a handsome neighbor moves in next door. As their relationship grows she notices odd similarities between her new boyfriend and her cat and she begins to suspect that her magic spell worked too well.

  • The movie I wrote and produced, The Lady From Sockholm, the world's first all sock puppet feature film, has played in over 40 film festivals and special events around the world.

Cat Film Fest in AtlantaSo I've got experience with being kitty crazy and with film festivals. I'm putting those two loves together and creating this event.

I know there are other feline-centric film fests, but none are in Atlanta, where this event will be held. And how could there ever be too many cat film fests? There's plenty of cattitude to go around.

The Feline Film Festival is a cat rescue fundraiser (and a bastion for bad puns).

Presenting Sponsor:

House Cat Real Estate, Lynn Lamousin

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The Feline Film Festival will be held in Atlanta, Georgia. Ticket sales benefit a cat rescue organization.

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