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The Pawe d'Or goes to... Corduroy Cat for his vines and music video (created by Frankie Cordero)

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Thanks to all supported the 2014 Feline Film Festival. View photos from the 2014 event!

Pawe dOr
2014 Feline Film Festival Pawe d'Or award created by artist and filmmaker Milford Earl Thomas. (Yes, our golden kitty is sitting on a vintage popcorn box.)

Club Car Kitty Cart
Thanks to Club Car for donating a Kitty Cart for the 2014 fest. It was 30 degrees that night and this helped us quickly shuttle people to/from parking. (It got shut down by the police around 10pm because our Director of Transportation was driving like Toonces.)

2014 Feline Film Festival Wrap-Up

View photos from the 2014 event!

The second annual Feline Film Festival was held on November 1, 2014 in Atlanta, Ga. Through ticket sales and generous donations, the event raised over $3,500 for LifeLine Animal Project. So, in just two years we've raised over $5,500 for the kitties!

The following films were shown at the 2014 Feline Film Festival in Atlanta, GA. The order they are listed in is the order they were presented in the program.

Samantha Martin and her extraordinary cat circus.
Brett Whitcomb and Bradford Thomason, Houston, TX

Not a Cat Lady  
Two cats doesn't make you a cat lady...
Alexander van Walsum, Paris, FR

A Cat's Thanksgiving
Bob and Charlie get together with the girls for a memorable Thanksgiving dinner.
Sharon Marie, Bakersfield, CA

Gone Fishing
Kitty goes fishing.
Samantha Martin, Chicago, IL

Corduroy Cat – “I'm here”*
Corduroy Cat asks Stanley for food.
Frankie Cordero, New York City, NY

Corduroy Cat – Pizza*
Corduroy Cat sneaks a slice of pizza into the bathroom.
Frankie Cordero, New York City, NY

Cats in Wigs
Furry models in the most fetching custom-made cat wigs ever created.
Joe Childress, Fort Worth, TX

Et Miaow Alors 
A short about the difficulties of independent filmmaking - and cats!
Michael Westbrook, Paris, FR

The Story of Schrodinger (Audience Favorite! Watch it!)
When Mike found Schrödinger's on the side of the road, he never expected they'd be besties.
Emily Sheskin, New York City, NY

Cherry Pop (video not available online - link goes to website)
The true story of the world's fanciest cat.
Kareem Tabsch, Miami, FL

Corduroy Cat – Cold Hard Ground*
Corduroy Cat is a Swiftee.
Frankie Cordero, New York City, NY

Broken Cats: Episode One
Cory's cats seem to be broken so he calls the help desk.
Cory Williams, Anchorage, AK

Single White Feline
Jane loves her cat, but she can't find Mr Right.
Andrew Chaplin and Lucy Forbes, London, UK

Corduroy Cat – Cat in a Box Music Video*
Corduroy Cat sings his love for his cardboard box.
Frankie Cordero, New York City, NY
* The Corduroy Cat videos are the winner of the 2014 Pawe d'Or winner for excellence in feline filmmaking! See more Corduroy Cat on his Vine channel: https://vine.co/CorduroyCat and follow Corduroy Cat on Facebook.

My Cat is Evil (video not available online - link goes to website)
A cat’s effort to gain the attention of his gadget-obsessed human companion.
Cynthia Hogan, Springville, UT

Cats are Stupid
Never call a cat stupid.
Cory Williams, Anchorage, AK

Cat in Tall Grass (video not available online)
Andrew Duncan, Atlanta, GA

Teemo and Teun intro
Dennis (aka Nailz), Roermond, NL

Teemo and Teun
A ferociaous battle between a Tonkinese cat and a Pug dog.
Dennis (aka Nailz), Roermond, NL

Starlight (link to website)
A black cat explores the bizarre landscape of the last drive-in theater in Atlanta.
Marisa Tontaveetong, Yu Ueda, Shir Wen Sun, and Tam King, Atlanta, GA

My Cat Bunny
An experimental video starring a purring tabby.
Holly J. White, Atlanta, GA

Corduroy Cat – Bugging Out 1 and Bugging Out 2*
Corduroy Cat and Stanley chirp out over a bug.
Frankie Cordero, New York City, NY

Saige Winters: My  Psychic Life – Cat Meme
Psychic, medium, and animal-healer, Saige Winters, offers her insight on the emotional wellbeing of two high profile felines - Grumpy Cat and Keyboard Cat.
Suzanne Smith, New York City, NY

Cowboy Drama
A dramatic story about a cat cowboy.
Steve Biroschik, Lisa Biroschik, Cecilia Biroschik, and Julia Biroschik, Atlanta, GA

Bengle Cat or Sewer Rat
Grandma Carolyn McReynolds shows off her bengal kitten Itaki's love for water.
Michael McReynolds, Atlanta, GA

Meow Na Mah Na
A kitty music video of the "Men Na Mah Na" song.
Caption Cat, Los Angeles, CA

Cash Cat
Kitty wins the lottery.
Ben Hurst and Dave Thomas, Austin, TX

Scope Commercial
Don't be that guy with breath that makes a kitten cry.  
Luc Schurgers for Czar Amsterdam, Amsterdam, NL

Corduroy Cat – Leveling with Stanley*
Corduroy Cat gives Stanley some tough love.
Frankie Cordero, New York City, NY

Cat Camera
UGA researchers attach cameras to kitties to expose their secret lives.
Courtesy 11Alive, Atlanta, with Doug Richards reporting, Atlanta, GA

Trying to Work
Yana needs to work, Fedor the cat needs love.
Yana Frank, Berlin, DE

* The Corduroy Cat videos are the winner of the 2014 Pawe d'Or winner for excellence in feline filmmaking! See more Corduroy Cat on his Vine channel: https://vine.co/CorduroyCat and follow Corduroy Cat on Facebook.

2 screenings and 4 hours of kitty fun condensed to 23 seconds. Video courtesy of Labtopia Farms. Atlanta, GA. The framing shows the front part of the screening room, the inside concession stand, and the venue's Art-O-Mat.

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