What You Don’t Know About a Home

When you’re house hunting you walk through Open Houses or see listings with your Realtor. You have access to all the rooms and you may mentally note paint colors, and flooring, and flow; but to help prospective buyers envision the house as their own, the spaces are usually de-personalized so they look like a Crate and Barrel catalog and not like a real home. No family photographs, no mementos taped to the fridge, all personal items put away.

If you’re interested in the house you request a Seller’s Property Disclosure that tells you things like how old the HVAC is, if the ice maker works, and why there’s a little water stain on the ceiling in the corner of the kids’ room. So you get information on the mechanics of the house, but not on what makes it a home.

For instance, at 588 Cameron St. in Atlanta, Georgia the owner has an herb garden in the backyard because he’s an avid pizza maker. Whether grilled outside, or baked in the kitchen, he uses basil, rosemary, and chives from his own garden to make his secret sauce and flavor his ever-changing creations.

The south side of the house is where the tomato patch usually stands, but this season he didn’t plant his usual varieties since he’ll be moving soon. But the garden spot is there, awaiting a new homeowner’s favorite heirlooms or hybrids. (As a tip, Brandywine usually does well there.)

Inside, on warm summer nights, you might find a pup curled in the corner of the hall bath, behind the clawfoot tub, enjoying the cool tile and quiet alcove.

In the living room, the turntable might be spinning records – the homeowner’s original albums – most from the mid 70s to late 80s.

The front bedroom is used as an office, with the closet holding computer paper instead of clothing. Two successful businesses were started in this room and are still running strong today. It’s a great “private corner office” for an entrepreneur and there’s enough space to conduct in-person client meetings or to add another desk for an additional employee.

Instead of installing a mailbox on the porch, he has a stand with a Cuban cigar box on top that USPS puts letters inside – a reminder of his international travels during a past career.

At different times, the house has been a harbor for friends who needed temporary housing, relatives passing through town, and three dogs and a cat (who were rescued from wandering the neighborhood). But right now 588 Cameron St. is the home to just one person and one dog, and they are looking for a new owner to love the house as much as they have. Come check it out and see if it feels like you could make memories there.

Please join us at 588 Cameron St. for an Open House this Sunday, April 17th from 2 to 4pm in the Grant Park neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia. 3 bedrooms / 2 bathrooms. 1667 square feet. Offered at $398,000. View full listing information here: http://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/588-Cameron-St-SE_Atlanta_GA_30312_M56663-26215