Terrence M. Cotton at the entrance of The Golden Drum nightclub

the lady from sockholm toes the line between comedy and suspense
The Puppetry Journal
Spring 2004

Set in 1943 during Wool War II, the film noir feature The Lady from Sockholm has completed filming in Atlanta, Georgia.

Shot on 16mm, the story centers on Terrence M. Cotton, a washed-up sock puppet gumshoe who finds himself knee-high in debt and praying for a big case. When Heelda Brum, a finely spun piece of high-end hosiery, hires Cotton to find Darnell, her missing mate, Cotton takes the case but the heat gets turned on high when Darnell's unraveled remains are discovered. In traditional film noir style, as Cotton threads the strands of the crime together he encounters a bevy of unscrupulous characters, but he sticks to the investigation like static cling.

Currently in post-production, The Lady from Sockholm’s screenplay received numerous accolades, including a 2002 Slamdance Screenplay Competition Award of Excellence (Top 10 of 1,500). Screenwriter Lynn Lamousin also acted as producer and executive producer, coordinating and financing the project through her creative firm KITTYBOY Creations, Inc.

Using Atlanta-based talent, The Lady from Sockholm sets were designed and built by Jeffrey Zwartjes and the puppets were constructed by Evy Wright. Filming took 12 days, and the all sock puppet cast was given a hand by lead puppeteers Reay Kaplan, Ann Peterle, Vince Tortorici and Evy Wright. The film was directed by Eddy Von Mueller and Evan Lieberman.

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The Lady from Sockholm
The World's First All Sock Puppet Feature Film
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