terrence m. cotton
A down on his luck gumshoe. When wealthy socialite Heelda Brum walks into his office he thinks his prayers are answered. But, can Cotton stay off the bleach long enough to solve the case?

heelda brum
High-end hosiery who hires Cotton to find Darnell, her missing mate. The last time she saw him they were soaking up suds at The Golden Drum nightclub. She suspects mobster Big Toeny Marnetti is involved.


big toeny
An uncouth tough guy, Big Toeny makes his living through illegal activities like bootlegging and money laundering. He's the prime suspect in Darnell's disappearance.


archie goodfoot
An eager young sock, Archie idolizes Cotton and wants to be a detective like his boss. He is often more a hindrance than a help.


kicky lafetiche
Big Toeny's moll and a singer at The Golden Drum nightclub. She has a haughty attitude and a secret agenda.


spats sinclair
Big Toeny's weasely henchman. His job is to make all obstacles in Big Toeny's way disappear.


phoot fung-us
Evil figurehead of Chinatown's underground silk ring. Phoot imposes authority through verbal battle and by ordering his tube sock henchmen to do his dirty work.


Cotton's secretary is a "mother hen" and a bit of a talker. One minute she dotes on Cotton and the next she chastises him about the bleach. She is caring for her niece, Bootsey, while her sister is away.


sgt. o'lastic
The flatfoot in charge of Darnell Brum's murder investigation. He and Cotton have a long history, and neither trusts the other.



The Lady from Sockholm
The World's First All Sock Puppet Feature Film
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