In this delightful film noir spoof, a sock puppet detective unravels a case involving the disappearance of high-end hosiery.

synopsis ("the best plot synopsis ever" Film Threat)

Wool War II rages and times are tough for sock puppets. Terrence M. Cotton, a washed-up gumshoe, finds himself knee-high in debt and praying for a big case. Enter Heelda Brum, a finely spun piece of high-end hosiery who hires Cotton to find Darnell, her missing mate. Cotton takes the missing sock case but the heat gets turned on high when Darnell's unraveled remains are discovered.

At the top of Cotton's suspect list is the cheaply woven criminal Big Toeny Marnetti. When interrogated, Big Toeny states that Heelda and Darnell aren't the designer duds Cotton thinks they are, and he tells Cotton the pair has tightly knit ties to an Asian underground silk ring. The news needles Cotton, so he goes looking for answers at The House of Bootah, a restaurant with its toes in every illegal operation in Chinatown.
Terrence M. Cotton
goes searching for clues
in Chinatown

At the House of Bootah he questions the leader of the smuggling ring, but instead of getting closer to finding who put the pinking shears to Darnell, Cotton discovers that Heelda's lies may have stained the investigation. When confronted, Heelda won't come clean; but Cotton is undeterred and sticks to the investigation like static cling.

But can a clean sock find justice in a dirty town? As Cotton threads the strands of the case together and gets closer to the truth, he must watch his step or risk meeting the same frayed fate as Darnell.



The Lady from Sockholm
The World's First All Sock Puppet Feature Film
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