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A pro-war rally to "Stop the Knotzi Forces"

how to make a sock puppet
Evy Wright, The Lady from Sockholm's puppet maker extraodinaire, demonstrates how to make a sock puppet using materials at hand and a simple five-step process.

free coloring page
The Lady from Sockholm free coloring page. Heelda Brum, a finely spun piece of high-end hosiery hires gumshoe Terrence M. Cotton to find her missing mate (illustration by Joe Peery).

free word seek puzzle
The Lady from Sockholm word seek puzzle... solve the puzzle and solve the mystery!

free study guide for educators
Dear Teachers, a study guide has been developed as preparation and follow-up to screening the film “The Lady From Sockholm.” View The Lady from Sockholm study guide (courtesy of the Reel Fun Film Festival in Calgary, Alberta).

trivia challenge
Have your friends knicknamed you Imelda? Do you know the difference between a stiletto and a kitten heel? Then our online trivia challenge is for you!

the socks have a "bacon" number
I'm sure you've heard that all stars revolve around Kevin Bacon — check out how many degrees a few of our cast members are from the center of the entertainment universe. View The Lady from Sockholm's "Bacon number."

The Lady from Sockholm
The World's First All Sock Puppet Feature Film
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