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how to make a sock puppet

Evy Wright, puppet designer and puppeteer for The Lady from Sockholm, and co-owner of
Curious Moon Puppet Theatre, shares instructions on how you can make a sock puppet at home.

A Sock (the thicker the better)
Needle and Thread
Two Clothes Pins
Two Ping Pong Balls

Hot Glue Gun
Hot Glue Sticks
One Square of Black Felt


Step One: Thread the needle and tie thread in a knot. Put the sock on your hand with your fingers in the toe and the back of your wrist at the heel. With your hand in the shape of the letter ‘C’, push the toe of the sock between your fingers and thumb towards your palm.


Step Two: Mark the cheeks with the clothes pinsand hold them in place by stitching an ‘X’ into each cheek. Remove the clothes pins.


Step Three: Put the sock back on your hand and mark where you want the eyes to be with a marker. Remove the sock and hot glue your ping pong balls onto the sock where you marked it.


Step Four: Cut two small circles out of felt for the pupils of the eyes. Hot glue these onto the ping pong balls.


Step Five: Decide how long you want the hair to be and cut strips of yarn to the desired length. Line the strips up and tie them in a knot in the center. Hot glue the hair to the sock behind the eyes.

You have now completed a basic sock puppet. Feel free to embellish your puppet with eyelashes, a costume, jewelry, a tattoo…the sky’s the limit!

FOOTNOTE: Children should not operate a hot glue gun without adult supervision.

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