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How did Darnell disappear?
3.4 mg
Kicky and Cotton at the Carnival
4.5 mg
Archie and his Rubber Duckie
1.6 mg

film score

Cotton's Theme
4.4 mg
Carnival Theme
5.4 mg
This Little Piggy
1.5 mg


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Cotton looks like he's been through the wringer after his experience in Phoot Fung Us' "confessional"   Cotton contemplates a surprising discovery in the smoldering House of Bootah pantry   A helpless old wool sock is roughed-up by two tube sock bullies
Cotton confronts the tube sock bullies   Cotton and his secretary Tootsie walk the streets of New Jersey   Patrons of The Golden Drum nightclub enjoy a drink
Terrence M. Cotton (left) is shown an assortment of garments by Ramie, the clerk at The Happy Haberdasher   Terrence M. Cotton waits in the hallway of St. Orlon's Hospital   Heelda Brum (top left) talks to Terrence M. Cotton from her second floor landing
"The great Phoot Fung Us"   Heelda Brum (left) and Terrence M. Cotton sip a cocktail in her parlor   Heelda Brum (right) hires private investigator Terrence M. Cotton to find her missing husband


behind the scenes

Assistant Director Tony Holley checks out the action from off-screen   Lighting designer Jon Swindall sprinkles chalk dust to obtain the perfect effect   A.D. Tony Holley (left) and Key Grip Alex Orr fly-in a keyhole cutout
Reay Kaplan (left) and Vince Tortorici (middle) perform a scene, while production assistant David Byrne (right) offers off-camera assistance   Vince Tortorici performs
Terrence M. Cotton
  Puppeteer Reay Kaplan focuses on her performance, while production assistant Nate Field wrangles a door
Evy Wright (right) looks up at the action while performing the character Archie Goodfoot
Reay Kaplan and Evy Wright give puppeteering lessons to key grip Alex Orr and assistant director Tony Holley
Key grip Alex Orr tries out his new puppeteering skills
Hugh Braselton looks at The Golden Drum through the camera lens while key grip Alex Orr accesses the lighting   Evan Lieberman (left) and Jon Swindall make final adjustments to a set   (From left) Set designer Jeff Zwartjes dresses a set, while puppeteers Tracy Yarkoni and Evy Wright get direction from Eddy Von Mueller
Vince Tortorici, Ann Peterle and Evy Wright perform a scene in Phoot Fung Us' lair   The cast relaxes backstage   Action in the 5 Drawer Bar as seen on one of the playback monitors
(From far left) Marvin Evangelista, Hugh Braselton, Alex Orr and Jon Swindall put lenses on the action   Grip Christopher Campbell tests the lighting element in a set piece   David Byrne and Maria D'Souza Walters experience the glamorous world of indie filmmaking as they build props in the soundstage bathroom

The Lady from Sockholm
The World's First All Sock Puppet Feature Film
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