Cotton tries to elicit info on Big Toeny from the Achilles Heel madame

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Seun Balogun, Caroline Cahill, Matt Cyr, Marvin Evangelista, Robert Hatch, Tony Holley, Elizabeth Lathrop, Alex Orr, Susan Turick, Maria D'Souza Walters, Tracy Weinberg, Tracy Yarkoni, Michael Yakubowicz, Amy Zwartjes, Jeffrey Zwartjes - Background Puppeteers

Melissa Sandefur - Puppet Wardrobe
Carol Daniel - Assistant Puppet Builder and Seamstress


David Byrne - Assistant Set Builder
Melissa Sandefur - Set Wardrobe
L. Hope Turner - Graphic Designer

Hugh Braselton, Matt Cyr, Diane DeSeta, Barrie Gibson, Robert Hamilton, Maria D'Souza Walters, Klemens Wengert, David Wheeler, Tracy Yarkoni, Amy Zwartjes - Art Department


Tony Holley - Assistant Director
Hugh Braselton - Camera Operator
Alex Orr - Key Grip
Christopher Campbell - Grip

Seun Balogun, David Byrne, Marvin Evangelista, Nate Field, Robert Hatch, David Meikson - Production Assistants


Cotton looks through a stack of past due bills in his office

Jessica Teal - Finishing Editor
Curt Bush, Max Geiger - Dialogue Recordists
Scott Hauser - Digital Film Restoration
Julie E. Johnson - Post Production Coordinator
Mark Smith, Clay Walker - Additional Graphics


"This Little Piggy"
Music composed by Marc Honea and Evan Lieberman
Lyrics by Mother Goose
Additional Lyrics by Evan Lieberman
Musical performance by Marc Honea, Evan Lieberman and Tom Rogers
Vocal performance by Melanie Walker


Avid Post by Artisan PictureWorks
Additional Post by RIOT Atlanta
Audio Sweetening and Finishing, and ADR by White Dog/RKM Studios
Camera and lighting equipment provided by DAEL the digital arts and entertainment lab at Georgia State University
Film Processing by Cinefilm Laboratories
Film Transfer by Electric Transfer
Sound Stage provided by Encyclomedia
Professional Still Photography by Craig Waller
Puppetry Materials provided by Curious Moon Puppet Theatre

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The Lady from Sockholm
The World's First All Sock Puppet Feature Film
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